Environmental adviser

As your appointed environmental  adviser I can provide guidance and support on compliance with the various environmental regulations and best practices that apply to your business, by way of:

Environmental surveys of company's activities

  • Survey premises, facilities, activities and management and operational controls.
  • identify environmental aspects and impacts, controls, breaches in legislation.
  • Recommend and prioritise practical improvements and solutions 

Specific  reviews

  • Manufacturing and production processes
  • Use of energy
  • Use of materials
  • Storage and use of hazardous substances (REACH & COSHH)
  • Emissions and discharges to air, water and land
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Waste

Key Benefits

  • External expertise not available in house
  • External resource not available in house
  • Brings know-how into your company
  • Improves your environmental impact
  • Reduces risk of prosecution for breaches of environment legislation


Having 40 years experience in engineering, covering design and manufacture processes including 10 years in specific health and safety management roles and 4 years in Environmental management. 

Implementing management systems and effecting culture change