Competent person for Health and Safety

Do you, as employers, have access to competent health and safety advice?

Who is named in the middle of your Health and Safety Law poster? Are they competent or do they have access to competent advice?


As your appointed competent health and safety adviser I can provide guidance and support on compliance with the various health, safety and environmental regulations that apply to your business.

This is more than just giving advice, but has responsibilities for both competent person and employer to effectively manage health and safety. It is backed by a service level agreement.

Implementing management systems and effecting culture change

Ideally working through your managers who should "own" safety in their areas

Developing your Environment, Health and Safety system with

  • Policies
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe working practices
  • Method statements
  • Workplace inspections
  • Planned maintenance
  • Emergency response

Chairing management meetings

          Chairing management meetings on Environment, Health and Safety to ensure common standards and approach

Progressing actions

              Regular reviews of risk assessments and agreed actionsWorkplace inspections

Updates on legislation and industry practices

               Periodic briefings on latest legislation and industry best practices and its impact on your business

Training and toolbox talks

               Specific training and toolbox talks for employees or providing training and toolbox talks for your managers to deliver


Key Benefits

  • External expertise not available in house
  • External resource not available in house
  • Brings know-how into your company


Having 40 years experience in engineering, covering design and manufacture including 10 years in specific health and safety management roles and 4 years in Environmental management.